Creative Quarterly, Issue 45-46

Creative Quarterly, Issue 45-46 will hit the newsstands in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom in March. It is available at many Barnes & Nobles and independent bookstores in the US and Canada. If your bookstore or newsstand isn’t carrying Creative Quarterly, please ask them to do so. Consumer demand means more locations where everyone can find CQ, your voice counts. See the list of US stores carrying CQ. Or you can order a copy at our online store.

¶ This issue features the work of fine artists Baldwin Guggisberg, graphic designer, Frank Viva, Viva & Co., illustrator Ed Kinsella III and photographer Nigel Parry. Just click the image above and take a page-by-page look at the issue.
¶ In addition our New Talent Gallery showcases the work of the next generation of artists and designers.

¶ We’re busy working on Issue 47–48 which is due out in the Fall.