Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual 2015

We want to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who were our competition winners in 2015.

To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from past issues. The judges select the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition. And each year we publish the best of the best in a hardcover book.

The 100 Best 2015 were chosen from see list of winners

Winners are in our 100 Best Annual 2015 which was produced in April 2016.

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100 Best Gallery Show: NYC

Due to the current circumstances we have decided to postpone our exhibit and reception until later this year. We will be making an announcement this summer about the event and will send out invitation at that time.

Cover image by Maria Kanevskaya

2015 Top 25: Fine Art

John Banasiak
Kate Budd
Bryan Christie
Cody Erickson
Doug Fogelson
Brent Funderburk
Yumiko Glover
Eben Haines
Robert Maloney
Ryota Matsumoto*
Paige Jiyoung Moon
Cap Pannell
Bradley Phillips
Peter Ra
John-Mark Schlink
Jos. A. Smith
Frank Spigner
Kerstin Stephan
Ai-Ling Tseng
Hannah Ueno
Jenny van Gimst
Michael Waraksa
Michael Ward
Alice Wellinger

2015 Top 25: Graphic Design

CF Napa Brand Design
Stanley Chen
Ara Dizon
Gabe Ferreira
Amanda Garcia
Jordan Hu
Peter Kanai
Marisa Kumtong
Sally Lee, Katelyn Randazzo
Julia Lemke
Li Li
McCandliss and Campbell*
Chemi Montes
Mucca Design
Heather Robertson
Hans Schellhas
Michael Taylor
Anelese Webster
Alisa Wojtaszek
Yuya Yoshida
Bella Huang
Chin I Lee
Yu Rong

2015 Top 25: Illustration

Cait Brennan
David M. Brinley
Q. Cassetti
Nicolás Castell
julia kuhl
Nahyun Lee
Chad Lewis
Hanrou Li
Jing Li
Nancy Liang
Anna Masini
Wade Mickley
Anja Nolte
Elyse Salazar
Stephan Schmitz
Steve Simpson
Rossi Skortcheva Donesky
Adam Tan
Sébastien Thibault
Laura Weiszer
Xiaohua Yang
Daniel Zender
Mario Zucca

2015 Top 25: Photography

Gitte Barnhouse
Eldred Boze
Brooke DiDonato
Erin Dobosiewicz
Dre’ Gallegos
Marguerite Garth
Andy Goodwin
Rob Gregory
Simao Huang
Benoit Levac
Harry Longstreet
Trevett McCandliss
Jeffrey Milstein
Paul Obleas & Alex Obleas
Mylene Peron
Larry Rostant
Yosuke Terada
Kristina Varaksina*
Cecil EciAm Victor Gresham
Maria Kanevskaya
Bonnie Rae Mills
Natalie Lynn Scott
Bob Stevens

* denotes multiple entries