Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual 2018

We want to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who were our competition winners in 2018.

To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from past issues. The judges select the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition. And each year we publish the best of the best in a hardcover book.

The 100 Best 2018 were chosen from CQ49, CQ50, CQ51, CQ52, CQ53, CQ54, see list of winners

Winners are in our 100 Best Annual 2018 which was produced in February 2019.

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100 Best Gallery Show: NYC

Due to the current circumstances we have decided to postpone our exhibit and reception until later this year. We will be making an announcement this summer about the event and will send out invitation at that time.

Cover image by Nolan Haan

2018 Top 25: Fine Art

Zach Atticus
Bill Carman
Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Ellen Gaube
Nolan Haan
Simao Huang
Leah Kaplan
Ray Koh
Robert J. Maloney
Isaac McCaslin*
Ronnie McClure
Nancy McGee*
Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings
Cap Pannell
Doug Panton
Jay Pingree
Vera Saltzman
Jena Alicia Thomas
Christopher Thornock
Hannah Ueno
Susan White Brown
Dali Wu

2018 Top 25: Graphic Design

Melanie Aarhus
Sami Albert
Potch Auacherdkul, Katja Flükiger, Jeff Glendenning, Daniel Spurgin
Brent Barson
CF Napa Brand Design*
Daeki & Jun Studio
Alison Emmel
Jing (Elise) Fang
Alex Flores-Martinez
Brandi Hamilton
Grace Harkin
Ying Hsuan Ho
James Ingram
Kyler Jones
So Yoon Kim
Chemi Montes
Yi Pan
Eugene B Park
Joseph Primiani
Nadia Tzuo
Monica Williams
Wonderfull Design
Jeehee Debbie Yoo

2018 Top 25: Illustration

Karina Alterman
Amanda Arlotta
Scott Balmer
Paolo Beghini
Juan Bernabeu
Ivan Canu
Robert Carter*
Wenyi Geng
Michael Glenwood
Matthew Huntley
Lizzy Itzkowitz
Nancy Liang
Sarah Mason
Marco Melgrati
Kadir Nelson*
Kevin Niggeler
Dallin Orr
Alex Petrowsky
Zara Picken
Siyue Tan
Michael Waraksa
Mario Zucca

2018 Top 25: Photography

Jaime Aelavanthara
David Arky
Scott Bakal
Eldred G Boze
Alberto del Hoyo Mora
Jay B. Dickman
Aaron Draper
Daniel Featherstone
Jeremiah Gilbert
Andy Goodwin
Max Hirshfeld
Pete Hopkins
Pamela Alexis Callista Javran
Kushal Kapoor
Henry Kerns
Stephen McDowell
Trevor Messersmith
Jeffrey Milstein
Thomas Nero
Roberto Pestarino
Rick Ruggles*
Mireya Salinas
Matthew Troyer
Karin Forde Whittemore

* denotes multiple entries