What are your categories? We accept entries in advertising, graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art.
Who’s eligible to enter? All art directors, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers from all countries, at all levels.
What does the fine art category consists of? Any work of art, in any media including film.
What are the fees? Professionals: $30 for up to three images, perfect for single entries, each additional image will be $10 which will give you the flexibility to enter a few or more entries. For $45 you can enter up to six images, either single or series entries.
What are the student fees? For undergraduates, post graduates and recent graduates fees are $15 for up to three images, $45 for up to nine images. Only non-commissioned work is accepted in this category.
What is a series? A series has a central theme consisting of three to five images. Otherwise they must be entered as single entries.
Who are the judges? For our quarterly shows work is judged by an editorial staff of award-winning graphic designers, a former judge for Communication Arts annual and represented in The Graphic Eye: Photographs by Graphic Designers from around the Globe, a judge for the Society of Illustrators, Print Regional Design Annual and regional and national advertising and design competitions.
How is the work judged? Our editiorial staff judges the quarterly shows, work is selected with a majority of votes by our judges.
What do I win? As a winner you’ll receive a publication including all winners, a printed certificate with your name and category and appear in our online gallery with links to your contact information. You will automatically move on to our year-end 100 Best competition.
What are the awards? Quarterly show winners are published in our quarterly publication and displayed in the online gallery, honorable mentions are only displayed online.
What about the 100 Best show? Judges for our year-end 100 Best Annual include industry professionals from the areas of fine art, graphic design, illustration and photography.
What do 100 Best winners receive? 100 Best winners will be exhibited in a New York City gallery, there’ll be an artist reception and the 100 Best Annual will be distributed worldwide. Winners will receive a significant discount on the Annual, promotion online and in print, receive a 100 Best certificate and be exhibited in our online 100 Best gallery.
How is Creative Quarterly distributed? Our quarterly publications go to winners, industry subscribers and libraries worldwide. Our 100 Best Annual is distributed on newsstands around the globe which includes musuem bookstores and independent book dealers.
What makes Creative Quarterly shows different? We have more categories than other shows, we encourage entries from all segments of the creative market and exhibit the 100 Best in a gallery.
How do I enter? All entries are submitted as digital files through an easy, interactive entry system.